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"I proof every offer. It could be the offer of my life." (H.Ford)

  • PR for Hannes Margreiter
  • Schick´uns Dein Europa (send us "your Europe")
  • die MÖWE (engl.: the seagull)
    Hannes Margreiter

    pr for Hannes Margreiter, artist, cartoonist, illustrator
    the man, who dedicated a special stamp to Arnold Schwarzenegger


    Schick´uns Dein Europa

    project in comission (agency "pi-five" )

    1st of May 2004 - a historical moment for the European Union, which causes the "Austrian Society for European Politics", the Virgin Megastore and die EU-comission as supporter of the project "Schick´uns Dein Europa" (send us "your Europe") - to raise a creative-competition for Austrian youth.
    A "VIP-jury" picked out the top ten.

    Foto 1 | Foto 2

    die MÖWE (engl: the seagull)

    Die MÖWE Kinderschutzzentren (kids-protection for abused cildren)

    fundraising, events - golf-turnament on the 3 rd of July in the famous GC Fontana (owner: Mr. Frank Stronach)


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